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2024 Acura Electric Vehicle ADX Redesign, Release Date, Price

2024 Acura Electric Vehicle ADX Redesign, Release Date, Price – The Acura ADX is Japanese brand’s first electric vehicle. Yet, it’s every bit as American as a Chevy Corvette behind the hood. As part of its efforts to reducing cost and accelerate the development of electric vehicles, Acura/Honda partnered with General Motors to create EVs based on the Ultium platform and battery technologies.

The 2024 Acura ADX is the brand’s first all-electric vehicle, most likely in the form of a sport utility vehicle (SUV). The new nameplate will be used on an impending gas-powered model remains a possibility. Still, news that Acura will build its own electric SUV based on the upcoming Honda Prologue adds fire to our belief that the ADX will be all-electric.

2024 Acura ADX Changes

If this is proven to be accurate, we expect the Honda ADX to inherit the platform, powertrain, and battery pack(s) from Honda, which has them constructed and refined by General Motors in the years to come. Both the Prologue and the ADX, on the other hand, will feature distinctive exterior and interior designs, with the latter undoubtedly exhibiting a more opulent appearance. 2024 acura electric vehicle


Except for the fact that Acura has already filed a trademark for the name and that the Ultium platform can support a variety of drivetrains, little is known about the ADX. Because Acuras are generally more sporty than Hondas, we expect Acura to forego the front-wheel-drive long-range option instead of a dual- or triple-motor configuration.

2024 Acura ADX Specs


When it comes to dimensions, we believe it will be around the same as the MDX, which is Acura’s best-selling crossover vehicle. That will also place it in the mix with planned electric crossovers such as the Polestar 4 and the next-generation Porsche Macan, which will only be available in electric form. 2024 acura electric vehicle

Release Date and Price

Because of the collaboration with General Motors, the Acura ADX will not have to be created from the ground up. If everything goes according to plans, it should hit the market in 2024. This is approximately a year later than its primary competitors, ensuring that the Acura brand remains relevant and in touch with the consumer. 2024 acura electric vehicle

It will be critical to get the pricing just right. We all know that the price of battery packs is dropping rapidly. Yet, electric vehicles continue to command a premium above conventional cars. Generally, the price range for this sector is between $60,000 and $80,000, and Acura will most likely aim to be on the lower end of that spectrum.

2024 Acura ADX Cabin

The price of the Acura ADX in 2024 is as much of a mystery as the majority of other data regarding the forthcoming Acura vehicle. Since we anticipate that the base price of the ’24 Prologue would be around $45,000, we expect that the Acura-branded version will be at least $10,000 more expensive. The trim levels for the ADX should also be consistent with the rest of the automaker’s lineup, which includes models such as the Technology, A-Spec, and Advance. Although it appears like a Type S performance model is improbable, we’ll have to wait and see. 2024 acura electric vehicle

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