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2024 Acura Mdx A Spec, For Sale, Interior

2024 Acura Mdx A Spec, For Sale, Interior – In a statement, Honda confirmed that one of the all-new electric vehicles it announced for the United States and Canada in April 2020 would be an Acura model. In North America, these will be “large-sized” electric vehicles that will go on sale in the MY2024 model year.

The ‘Honda Prologue’ will be the name of the new Honda electric vehicle, which will debut in early 2024. The first Acura electric SUV (which will remain unnamed) will go on sale in 2024. Acura will likely target customers who purchased a Tesla Model Y with features and range similar to Acura’s.

The introduction of the two large electric SUVs co-developed with General Motors as MY2024 vehicles, one under the Honda brand and the other under the Acura brand, will mark the beginning of the Japanese automakers’ EV blitz in the United States and Canada, as well as the beginning of the global EV blitz.

2024 Acura Mdx A Spec

Acura electric SUV dimensions and specifications to be expected

General Motors and Honda have formed a partnership to develop two Honda electric vehicles (EVs) based on the GM global electric vehicle platform. Although both electric SUVs would be powered by General Motors’ Ultium Lithium-ion batteries and Ultium Drive electric motors, according to Dave Gardner, Executive Vice President, Honda (USA), “everything above the platform will be uniquely Honda and uniquely Acura,” Automotive News reported in March of 2021.

The Acura electric SUV could be larger than the Lyriq, which is currently a mid-size SUV in the Acura lineup. GM markets the Lyriq as a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) alternative to the XT5 (189.60 in. x 74.90 in. x 66.10 in.).

The electric SUV co-developed with General Motors, which could replace the Acura MDX in the Acura lineup, could serve as a BEV alternative. Given the year of SOP, a Lyriq-sized electric SUV built on General Motors’ third-generation electric vehicle platform and equipped with Ultium batteries would be capable of achieving a range of 300 miles. A dual-motor all-wheel-drive system should be available, and battery pack options should include units ranging from 70 kWh to 100 kWh.

Production of Acura’s electric SUVs

The automotive news publication Automotive News reported in January 2021 that General Motors plans to manufacture the Acura electric crossover at its facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee, starting in 2024. In this factory, beginning in 2022, General Motors will build the Cadillac Lyriq and invest $2 billion in the facility, which will be dedicated to producing pure electric vehicles. The Lyriq will be the first electric vehicle to roll off the assembly line.

An Acura spokesperson confirmed to The Drive in April 2021 that indeed GM will produce the co-developed Acura electric SUV. According to the company’s official spokesperson, one of Honda’s American factories will also produce the Prologue. The location of the manufacturing facility, on the other hand, was not disclosed by the official. As previously reported by Automotive News, General Motors will construct the Prologue at the Ramos Arizpe Vehicle Assembly plant in Mexico.

2024 Acura Mdx A Spec

2024 Acura Mdx A Spec

Acura is the brand name for an electric SUV.

While Honda Motor Company (the parent company) has revealed the name of its electric SUV, the Honda Prologue, it has yet to announce the Acura electric SUV, which is expected to be announced shortly. One possibility is that it will debut as the Acura ADX, a mid-size sedan. The rumor was sparked by a trademark application filed by Honda Motor Company. The company seeks to secure the rights to the name ‘ADX.’ On December 22, 2021, it filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Washington, DC. Honda Motor Company is expected to reveal the name in the first quarter of 2022. 2024 Acura Mdx A Spec

In early-2022, more specifics will be provided.
Honda’s president, CEO, and representative director, Toshihiro Mile, told Automotive News in November 2021 that the company will share more details about the Honda Prologue and the yet-to-be-named Acura electric SUV in early 2022. The Honda Prologue is Honda’s first all-electric vehicle. 2024 Acura Mdx A Spec

Ultrium Cells, a joint venture between General Motors and LG Energy Solution, intends to construct a new battery cell manufacturing facility in the United States. It will be built on land leased from General Motors in Spring Hill, Tennessee. It will have a total floor area of approximately 2.8 million square feet. Building the new battery cell factory will begin immediately, according to a company announcement made on April 16, 2021, stating that construction will start immediately.

2024 Acura Mdx For Sale

On December 31, 2023, the new Ultium Cells factory in the United States will officially open its doors. That would be just in time for the start of the series production of the Acura electric SUV to get underway. Ultrium Cells stated in an announcement that the battery cells manufactured here would be used in the vehicles manufactured at General Motors’ Spring Hill assembly plant. 2024 Acura Mdx A Spec

Honda’s Electric Vehicle (EV) strategy in North America

Honda hopes that electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) will account for 40 percent of annual sales in North America by 2030. This percentage will rise to 80 percent by 2035. By 2040, it hopes to have converted the entire fleet to electric and fuel cell vehicles (EVs/FCEVs). The company intends to introduce a series of new electric vehicles (EVs) based on the ‘e: Architecture,’ which it describes as “a completely new electric vehicle platform led by Honda” in the second half of the decade. North America will be the first to receive these models, followed by the rest of the world. 2024 Acura Mdx A Spec

Honda has several compelling reasons for developing its first high-volume electric SUVs for the United States on a repurposed platform. When the market is ready to accept electric vehicles on a large scale, the Japanese automaker will save money on development and production costs while protecting itself from any risky capital investments in the new technology. 2024 Acura Mdx A Spec

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