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2024 Acura MDX Advance Package

2024 Acura Mdx Advance Package – Honda’s commitment to go completely electric by 2040 includes the introduction of an electric Acura SUV in 2023 as a model for the following year.

This week, American Honda unveiled its sales targets for the years ahead. The company aims to have 100 percent of its vehicle sales comprised of battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles by the end of the century.

One of the upcoming “large-sized EV models using GM’s Ultrium batteries” is being developed for the Honda brand. In contrast, according to a press release issued by American Honda, the other is being designed for Acura. Both vehicles will be introduced to the North American market as models for the model year 2024.

2024 Acura Mdx Advance Package

Production of the Acura MDX is scheduled to begin in 2024.

As reported by The Drive, Acura has confirmed that the Acura EV model will use General Motors’ Ultium batteries and that GM will also manufacture the vehicle, most likely at the Spring Hill Assembly plant in Tennessee. This is the facility that used to build Cadillac’s upcoming Lyriq electric sport utility vehicle. 2024 Acura Mdx Advance Package

Acura MDX Battery with a capacity of 2024 cells

Honda announced last week that by the year 2040, it would only sell zero-emission vehicles in the United States, which a combination of batteries and hydrogen will power. Although Honda didn’t explicitly mention it in the announcement’s press release, the company did mention plans for “two large-sized electric vehicles powered by General Motors’ Ultium batteries,” one for Honda and one for Acura, both for the 2024 model year. And as an Acura spokesperson confirmed to The Drive, they will not only be constructed from GM-sourced batteries. Still, they will also be built by actual GM employees. 2024 Acura Mdx Advance Package

2024 Acura MDX Interior 2

In an email to The Drive, a spokesperson for Acura said that the company and General Motors are working together to develop two electric SUV models for the North American market starting in 2024. “We are jointly developing two EV SUV models using GM’s Ultrium batteries for the North American market starting in 2024 model year,” the spokesperson said. “As previously announced in April 2020, General Motors will manufacture these products.” 2024 Acura Mdx Advance Package

Acura MDX for Sale in 2024

According to a previous report, these two electric crossovers will be built at two different General Motors plants. They will be available for purchase in North America first. The Honda model will reportedly go into production in 2023 in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, where the Chevrolet Blazer and Equinox are built. The Acura model will reportedly go into production in 202 at Spring Hill, Tennessee, where the Chevrolet Blazer and Equinox are built. In addition to being the location where Cadillac will build its electric Lyriq crossover, the plant in Volunteer State will also build Acura and Honda products, indicating that the vehicles may share a platform with both of those automakers. 2024 Acura Mdx Advance Package

Whether or not Honda uses the Lyriq’s chassis, both of its new electric crossovers would be excellent candidates for Cadillac’s situationally hands-free Super Cruise driving assist, which the automaker confirmed would be included in the Lyriq last April. Both companies acknowledge that they are working on autonomous driving technology. The carmakers’ closely cooperating research and development teams could facilitate their “plans to make GM’s hands-free advanced driver-assist technology available” on both vehicles. 2024 Acura Mdx Advance Package

2024 Acura MDX For Sale

Honda emerged as the unexpected leader in commercially available autonomy technology earlier this year. It announced that a limited run of its Legend sedan (formerly our Acura RLX) would be equipped with SAE Level 3 autonomous software, dubbed Honda Sensing Elite, available only in Japan. The cross-pollination of this system with General Motors’ Super Cruise could potentially enhance the latter’s capabilities while also enabling Honda to develop competitive advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for future products on the market. Just don’t expect any hands-free Hondas to hit the roads in the United States before 2023. 2024 Acura Mdx Advance Package

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