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2024 acura rdx Release Date, Redesign, Colors

2024 acura rdx Release Date, Redesign, ColorsWhen it comes to automobiles, the phrase “budget luxury” can seem like an oxymoron. Yet, precisely at this junction of price and elegance, the Acura RDX finds its place in the world. Sure, some trade-offs are to be made, but the RDX is a competitive small SUV that can compete with more expensive models from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.


The RDX undoubtedly has a lot to offer in terms of features and performance. It has plenty of space, is comfortable, and is loaded with functions. On the negative side, purchasers searching for additional power or a hybrid vehicle will be disappointed to learn that there is no extra engine upgrade. The RDX’s infotainment system, on the other hand, isn’t particularly appealing to us. Although the Acura RDX isn’t the most affordable luxury SUV on the market, it is an excellent bargain compared to European rivals such as the Audi Q5, Jaguar F-Pace, and Mercedes GLC, which are all more expensive.

2024 acura rdx
2024 acura rdx


A panoramic sunroof, a power tailgate, 19-inch alloys, wireless smartphone charging, synthetic leather upholstery, 12-way powers front seats, and a 12.3-inch infotainment displays with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are all included as standard. Instead of a touchscreen, the infotainment system uses a shaky touchpad, which might be the single flaw in the entire cabin.


Acura claims improved design and upgrades result in reduced noise, vibrations, and harshness than the previous model.

2024 acura rdx price
2024 acura rdx price

Overall, the RDX is a reliable performer in its class. The turbocharged engine delivers tremendous power at low rpm when you need to get away from stoplights quickly. The transmission is adept at selecting the appropriate gear for the driving conditions. A 7-second time from 0 to 60 miles per hour was recorded in Edmunds’ testing. Even though it’s a touch slower than some of the other top competitors, it’s still a commendable effort. Because of their reliable activation and positive feel, the brakes instill trust in the driver.

When you’re driving through corners, there’s minimal body roll. You’ll want SH-AWD if you want to realize the RDX’s sports potential because it enhances the RDX’s ability to accelerate out of corners. The steering has been fine-tuned to perfection. Lightweight and maneuverable in parking lots, it also hardens up suitably at more incredible speeds to offer you a sense of control when driving at higher speeds. 2024 acura rdx


In addition to more standard technology, a quieter cabin, and revised drive mode characteristics, the refreshed five-seat compact crossover is also more fuel-efficient. Apple CarPlay and also Android Auto are now included as standard equipment. 2024 acura rdx

Acura has given the RDX a new series of improvements for 2024. The stylistic modifications on the outside are slight. Still, on the inside, you’ll discover a new wireless charging pad and wireless connectivity for smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, among other things. Additionally, additional sound-deadening material and a new active sound-reducing technology have been added to assist make the cabin quieter. In terms of mechanicals, the RDX is virtually identical to its predecessor. However, Acura has tweaked the optional adaptive suspension to offer more distinct options for comfort and handling.

2024 acura rdx concept
2024 acura rdx concept

The elegant heated and cooled front seats are designed to provide maximum comfort for various drivers. When you turn, they also offer support, which helps to ensure your safety. Although the suspension is not perfect, it does an excellent job of keeping you comfortable when driving through a range of terrains. Potholes aren’t a problem, and the RDX maintains excellent control over freeway undulations. 2024 acura rdx

When traveling at freeway speeds, cabin noise is reasonably well muffled, and wind noise is minimal. Some motor noise gets through, but it is never annoying. There are no problems with the climate control system in adjusting cabin temperature. Still, much of the airflow is directed at the driver’s hands, which you may find uncomfortable.

The RDX is a blend of user-friendly fundamentals and some radically new, if not contentious, views about how things should be done in terms of ergonomics. The shifter configuration, touchpad infotainment controller, and small climate control buttons, in particular, may cause the driver to become disoriented. The front roof pillars are a little on the thick side when it comes to visibility. They can obscure some visibility when the vehicle is turning a corner. The power-operated hinges on the rear hatch make it difficult to see around the back of the car. 2024 acura rdx

On a more positives note, there’s plenty of space for front and back passengers in this vehicle. Most drivers should be able to find a comfortable driving position, and rear headroom is more than adequate for persons of ordinary height and build.


It is poweres by a 2.0-liter turbo 4 engine with 272-hp and a 10-speed automatic transmission, which drives the front wheels or all four wheels with available all-wheel drive. Acura claims that the drive mode selector has been improved to provide more distinct power aid in the steering, braking, and sound control modes. 2024 acura rdx


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