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All New 2024 Acura ILX Redesign, MPG, Dimensions

All New 2024 Acura ILX Redesign, MPG, Dimensions – When it comes to high-end buyers, Audi and BMW face off. At the same time, the Acura ILX serves as a gateway model for individuals curious about the brand for the first time; Audi’s A3 sedan and BMW’s 2 Series Gran Coupe, on the other hand, are formidable competitors.

For this reason, it is envision that the 2024 Acura ILX will also be charged with attracting a new generation of customers to Acura, leading to a long-term client base of customers. Because of this, it is a better-looking, better-equipped, and less expensive alternative to German cars. As a result, the interior is subpar, and the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine is old. Even though turbocharged engines like Honda Civic’s are standard, this is not a good option for a new car.

2024 Acura ILX Redesign

All New 2024 Acura ILX Redesign

The design of the 2024 Acura ILX automobile is one of the best. Acura’s front end stands out with its diamond pentagon grille and Jewel Eye headlights. All models come equipped with a chrome exhaust tip and a power moonroof. The ILX is one of the top sedans in terms of design. Acura’s front end is stunning with its diamond pentagon grille and Jewel Eye headlights. All models came standards with a chrome exhaust tip and a power moonroof.

The A-Spec package adds 18-inch Shark Gray alloys and a piano black rear diffuser to the base 17-inch alloy wheels. The A-Spec package adds 18-inch Shark Gray alloy wheels and a piano black rear diffuser to the base 17-inch alloy wheels. As recently as 2024, ILX underwent its final renovation and facelift. A $400 price increase per trim level is all that is different in the 2024 model year from the prior year.

2024 Acura ILX Price


Once inside, the ILX’s corroded frame is immediately visible to the untrained eye. Despite its competitors’ recent embrace of the minimalist style, the ILX’s dashboard is still strewn with buttons. The inside space does not match the exterior proportions. The front seats might use a little extra cushioning, but there’s plenty of room for everyone. Legroom in the backs, on the others hand, is minimal. In the Premium Package, the dual-screen infotainment system is a bit of an oddball. The lower screen was an afterthought, grafted onto an older design when you look at the arrangement.

Three people can fit in the back of the ILX, but only if you’re a ruthless person. Moonroof-equipped vehicles have a 38-inch headroom gap between the front and rear seats. There are 42.3 inches of legroom in the show but just 34 inches in the back. When the eight-way power-adjustable driver’s heart is in the lowest setting, the driver’s seat is still high. All around, you can see everything that’s going on. 2024 Acura ILX Redesign

2024 Acura ILX Interior


Only a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 201 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque is offered for the Acura ILX. A limited-slip differential and an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission give front-wheel drive. When driven at speeds beyond 4,000 rpm, Honda’s VTEC engines exhibit their full potential. Even though turbocharging is already standard, we have a long way to go. For the turbocharged Civic Type R, there have only been two variants.

The transmission shifts like a dream, with no jerks or squeaks. There’s a sport mode, but it keeps it in gear until the pistons on the bonnet start to wobble. For a performance car, this is wonderful, but it falls short in luxury mobility. ILX’s modest power output makes it difficult to drive around town. No matter how hard a transmission works, it will never be able to eliminate the problem of low down torque. The ILX’s naturally aspirated engine comes into its own on the open road as the driver pushes the car to its limits. 2024 Acura ILX Redesign

Price and Release Date

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, better audio, and leather upholstery make the car appear more like an entry-level luxury sedan than a gussied-up little vehicle with the $2,000 Premium Package. It’s worth noting that while the A-Spec option costs $2,000 and has a variety of sporty features, the $1,900 Technology Package detracts from the ILX’s overall appeal. 2024 Acura ILX Redesign


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